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Employee benefits are an important factor to any business in hiring and retaining a
good work force. Every small business should review their group dental insurance plan
to ensure that this employee benefit continues to offer the highest quality group dental
insurance coverage protection.
We work with only the most dependable insurance companies in providing your small
business with group employee dental insurance, including voluntary benefits (section
125 plans) that you and your employees can select and pay for on a pre-tax basis.
Group Employee Dental Insurance Plan Overview

* Premium Products, traditional indemnity plans

* Dental Basics, cost-containment plan covering the essentials

* Small Group Dental for groups of 3-9, a trust plan with managed care & vision options

* Two-Tier, offering both PPO/in-panel and non-PPO/out-of-panel coverage

* Maximum Allowable Charge /Managed Care /PPO
Preventive and Basic Procedures Only
Group Employee Dental Insurance Plan Features

* Efficient & accurate claims processing

* Claim allowance options include Usual, Customary and Reasonable; Median
Series; Scheduled; Maximum Allowable Charge

* Preventive procedures include cleanings, x-rays, exams, fluoride treatment

* Basic procedures include fillings, extractions, oral surgery, periodontics (gum
disease), endodontics (root canal)

* Major procedures include full and partial dentures, crowns, inlays

* Orthodontic benefits available on most plans

* Takeover provisions available for qualifying groups with prior dental coverage

* Coverage for space created by previous extractions available for qualifying

* Maximum options range from $500 to $2,500 annually

* Deductible options available up to $250, may be waived for Preventive

* Co-insurance options include 100%-80%-50% (Preventive, Basic, Major)

* Incentive co-insurance option requires a set of three or four-step percentages
such as 70%-80%-90%-100% where insureds begin at the lowest level and work
their way up.
(NY, PA, NJ, AZ, TX, NC & FL only)
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