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Group Long Term Care Insurance is the American workers most requested new
employment benefit. Employees are being forced out of the work force because they
are called upon to care for spouses and parents with long tern care needs. The
largest growth in employee "down time" today is caused by the need for taking care
of aging parents.
When one of your employees needs long term care services or must provide long
term care for someone at home, it may put your business at risk because it can
have a great impact on your bottom line. You may not notice the cost immediately,
but over time it may really add up.
If an employee is providing care for someone at home it is almost as though they
have another full time job. It may affect your business in the following ways:

1. Decline in productivity
2. Decreased willingness to relocate or travel for work
3. Not able to work full time or must leave job altogether
4. Motivation and morale are compromised
5. Interruptions during the day to handle phone calls or emergencies
6. Absenteeism
7. Increased stress which could result in health related problems
8. Replacement costs if employee needs to resign
Long Term Care Insurance Employer Advantages
Recent health care legislation makes qualified long term care insurance policies
more tax advantageous for both employers and employees. Employers that pay
for long term care insurance may be eligible for favorable tax treatment. The
tax consequences vary depending on the structure of your business.
1. Employer paid long term care insurance premiums for employee, spouse, and
retiree coverage may be deducted as a business expense.

2. Employers can cover defined classes of workers, making it possible to offer the
benefit to only higher paid employees.

3. Employees with medical and dental expenses exceeding 7.5% of adjusted gross
income may be able to also deduct eligible long term care insurance premiums they

4. Premiums are not classified as taxable income to employees.

5. Benefits are not considered taxable income to the insureds or their families
(even if the employer paid the premium.)

6. Benefits are 100% tax-free to the employees whether the employee or the
employer pays the premium.
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your employees.
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